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    Implicitly is a unique online test of a person's people preferences based on Age, Disability, Ethnic Origin, Gender or Sexual Orientation. It uses our response patterns to simple sorting tasks to measure the strength of our group preferences, which when very strong can lead to prejudice. Implicitly is a starting point for gaining deeper insight into our unconscious reactions to people who differ from us in various ways.

    Implicitly test scores are underpinned by research and linked to our real world behaviour. Higher scores are indicative of our tendency to prejudge people and for those prejudgements to impact on our daily behaviour.

    The link with real world behaviours makes Implicitly a unique test. Implicitly is unrelated to other research programmes or tests, and content is protected by copyrights and trademarks.

    Implicitly has the potential to be adapted to examine attitudes towards a wide range of people and ideas.

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